Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TWD - Favorite Moments From 8x07 & 8x08

Hi Everyone!

I am recaping both 8x07 and 8x08 in this post since I was unable to finish my 8x07 recap a couple of weeks ago due to losing power in the snow storm. 

I am very much still spinning from the mid-season finale as I love the Grimes family and the special relationship that Carl and Michonne share. I will actually probably miss their scenes together even more than the ones between Rick and Carl. Things just feel so dark right now!

Ok....on with the recaps...........

In 8x07 I really loved this moment between Michonne and Daryl as it has been awhile since these two characters have had a scene all to themselves. It was so sincere when Michonne expressed why she could not go through with the plan and I thought Daryl's reaction was really understanding when he told her that she shouldn't have to do it. I just really like the friendship that they share and I would love to have a Richonne and Caryl double date at some point in the future!

I thought this moment between Rick and Jadis has been LONG overdue!!! I have never bought the idea that a community of dumpster divers are stronger than Rick and our group. I am honestly still trying to see the point of these characters as they just seem like a bunch of pointless freaks but maybe they will surprise us and do something worthy in the next half of the season.

Now let's talk about 8x08 and that glorious moment when our Queen Machine saved the day once again! Thanks to Carol's perfect timing Rick was no longer stranded on the battlefield. 
By the way.....I can't believe this is the first time Rick and Carol have shared a scene together since season 6!!! That is ridiculous to me as these two characters go all the way back to the beginning and have such a strong history. Speaking of their history, I had the thought that since Rick put Sofia down....maybe Carol should be the one to put Carl down? Even though this scenario is really hard for me to fathom, I think it would be both a moving and honorable way to come full circle.

This precious scene between Judith and Michonne is probably one of my favorite of the whole season so far. I had actually hoped for more moments like this when the season began. Watching Michonne "mother" Judith and Carl is one of the things I love most about the show. Her bond with these kids is so special and beautiful, and I can't stand to think about her having to now lose another son!

I was so relived when Ezekiel decided to take Carol's advice and "play the part" of heroic King once again. He jumped into action and got the Kingdomers to safety before surrendering himself to the Saviors. What I loved most about this scene was what he told Carol as he was shutting the gates, "Save them like you saved me". I think as fans we can all relate to those words as Carol's story has inspired and saved so many of us at some point in our lives. ❤

I am thoroughly enjoying Maggie's journey this season as she fully owns her leadership at the Hilltop. Trusting her instincts and taking control of the situations she is dealt has been an absolute joy to watch. I loved her coffin warning to the Saviors that she will kill the remaining 38 of them if they don't stop playing games! What moves me the most about Maggie is thinking about all that she has lost and been through and yet continues to rise up to be a pillar of strength for those around her. It is such a beautiful thing for her character and I look forward to more of it in the next half of the season.

Lastly, I feel kind of scarred for life from the expression on Rick and Michonne's faces as they realized what had happened to Carl. The only thing that made this scene half way bearable was the shot of Daryl preciously holding Judith knowing how her little life was about to change forever without her big brother by her side. I always thought that Carl would be the last man standing in the end so I feel very blindsided by this twist! I have to also say that I'll be royally disappointed if Carol doesn't get to be apart of his death and say her goodbyes since he and Sofia were such close friends.

I can't believe we are already on hiatus again but I have enjoyed recapping my favorite moments each week and I also greatly appreciate all of you that read my CRAZY thoughts every week!!! 😜

Until next time I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember to JSS 💔
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

TWD - Favorite Moments From 8x05 & 8x06

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. I got busy with Thanksgiving last week so I am doing both 8x05 and 8x06 in this weeks post. 

So here we go.......

I have to admit that 8x05 fell a little flat for me although I did love the look on Daryl's face when he learned that Carol was alive and well after she annihilated a bunch of Saviors. You could pretty much feel the rush of relief that swept over him as he thought to himself, "that's my girl"!

I really loved the opening for 8x06 when everyone is reading their letters. I think it is wonderful that the Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandria are all keeping up with what's going on with each camp so that everyone stays on the same page. This scene really seemed to unite the groups as one and gave a sense of family that I have not felt from them in awhile.

I am loving the relationship that is forming between Carol and Henry. I know that it is probably risky for Carol to get close to another child after losing so many in the past, but I actually think this could be a healing experience for her. There is a void that each child left in Carol's heart and Henry also has a void from losing the best parent figure he had in his brother, Benjamin. I'm not necessarily saying that I want Carol to officially become his mom as I think Ezekiel has pretty much adopted him at this point but I do love the idea of her becoming this cool aunt that teaches him how to use a gun, kill Walkers and bake cookies. Maybe Uncle Daryl could even show him how to hunt squirrels and ride motorcycles! 

I know I have said it before but let me just say it again that I could watch Maggie treat Gregory like a bratty child all day! His pig pen punishment has been LONG overdue and it just made me feel incredibly proud of Maggie for not only standing up for herself but for all of Hilltop as well! 

I literally shouted for joy when Daryl hopped out of the truck to save the day! There really is not much to say about this AWESOME scene other than how bad I wish Carol had been there to see it. 😍

Lastly, I don't even know where to begin with this beautifully heart felt scene between Carol and Ezekiel. The tragic loss of Shiva and the many Kingdomers is clearly the worst thing that has happened to Ezekiel since the apocalypse started, so he has not quite learned how to handle grief while still needing to fight for survival. However Carol could literally write a book on that very subject. I loved when she told him how playing a part has gotten her this far and that you just have to pretend everything is going to be fine even if you don't feel like it. These lessons really highlight why Carol is my favorite character. Her speech to Ezekiel spoke to me in a personal way and inspires me to keep fighting as well!


I thoroughly enjoyed 8x06 so much and am hoping that the rest of the season will be more like this episode in the fact that it pretty much had everyone in it.

I will be back with a new recap next week so until then I hope everyone has an awesome week and knows how much you are loved and appreciated!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

TWD - Favorite Moments From 8x04

Hi Everyone!

I really do not even know where to begin with this weeks episode since the entire thing was my FAVORITE! I did my best to choose the moments that really inspired and moved me the most so let's get to it.....

The video above pretty much made itself as I was so overcome with emotions after 8x04 that I literally poured everything that it made me feel about this season into it. The level of strength that Carol and Daryl are using to win this war is a constant reminder of everything that they have had to overcome to lead them to this place of victory. Carol's journey will forever touch me the most just because it really speaks to me in a personal way. I can very much relate to who her character was in the early seasons and to see the growth of who she is now inspires me to keep fighting in my own life. I think what moves me the most about her story is that it is such a beautiful example of what can happen when you choose to not give up!

I could honestly watch our precious Queen Machine SLAY all day!!! She is literally over qualified for these stupid Saviors. I mean she single handedly took out a whole community at Terminus, so she basically ate these losers for breakfast! At this point I am begging for a scene just between Carol and Negan but I know that can't happen for awhile since she would bury his butt the moment she laid eyes on him. 

I can't even begin to express how completely overcome with endless emotions I am with the look on Carol's face when she hears Daryl in the distance! That look of pure genuine joy that cannot be contained even in the midst of the worst of times. It's the first REAL smile I have seen on her beautiful face in awhile and she deserved every second of that sweet moment. I can never say enough how much the special bond that these two characters share move me, it's on a level that cannot really be put into words.

Lastly I feel totally crushed over Shiva's sacrifice! I am a huge animal lover and she quickly became one of my very favorite characters. I can completely relate to the love that Ezekiel had for her and the pain of watching her die as I also recently lost a very special fur baby that meant the world to me. The level of brokenness that Ezekiel experienced was really hard to watch and I hope that with the help of the people that he still has left in his life he'll be able to overcome this.

Overall this was by far my favorite episode of the season and also probably in my top 5 favorite episodes EVER!!!

I will be back next week with a recap of 8x05 so until then I hope you all have a fantastic week and know that you are loved and appreciated!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

TWD - Favorite Moments From 8x03

Hi Everyone!

I thought this weeks episode was incredible and I cannot wait to break my favorite moments down so let's dive in......

WOWS.....Can we talk about the opening!!! I loved when Carol pointed out that even though the Saviors have a lot of numbers, they can't compete with the strategic mind games of the Queen Machine! Thanks to Carol the Kingdom has skill and strategy over mindless numbers which was best displayed when she blew their whistling faces off from the bushes!!! 

My next favorite moment came when Daryl shut moaning Morales' mouth with a little surprise from behind. In my opinion there is simply not enough time for monotonous conversation anymore. Morales had the chance to do the right thing and help his old friends but instead he did not hesitate in choosing where his loyalty lies. Basically if you're not with us then you're against us and considering all the torture that the Saviors put Daryl through, it's not really surprising that he is not putting up with ANY of them!!!

I think I could watch Maggie yell at big baby Gregory all day. I love that she treats him like the bratty child he is! At first I was disappointed that she let him back in to the Hilltop but then when she told Enid that he was not worth killing yet......that *YET* gives me hope that Maggie at least has plans to finish him off in the future. I just wish she would take care of her rat problem now before he eats anyone else's pancakes!

Lastly, the look of relief on Ezekiel's face when he learned that not one of his people had perished in their attack on the Saviors, was quickly brought back to reality when Carol reminded them they still needed to scan the perimeter. Queen Carol knows better than to celebrate too soon and moments later proved exactly why! 😲

I really loved this episode a lot but I feel extremely unprepared for the next one! I'm sure our precious Queen Machine is going to be fine and will finally get to shine like the dazzling star that she is.......
but even with all that said I'm still a little nervous just because I LOVE CAROL SO MUCH!!!


I will be back next week with my favorite moments from 8x04 so until then I hope you all have a beautiful week!

Love & Hugs,

Sunday, November 5, 2017

TWD - Favorite Moments From 8x01 & 8x02

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited that our show is finally back and to celebrate I have put together a recap of my favorite moments so far.

So here we go........

I thought it was super cool when Daryl sent Dwight a note with his arrows. I actually like referring to them as arrow-grams and I really wish that this scene would have ended with Dwight taking off Daryl's vest and sending it back to him on the Arrow-gram Express! I'm still not a fan of Dwight but maybe in time he could grow on me IF HE WOULD GIVE DARYL ALL HIS STUFF BACK! Anyway overall I really liked this scene but in the back of my mind I could not help thinking about how romantic it would be for Daryl to send Carol a love note through his clever new arrow-grams! 😉

My next favorite scene was the speeches that Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie gave to each of their groups. Rick's was great as usual and Ezekiel's felt like an intro to Medieval Times, basically every time he opens his mouth I feel like I am getting dinner and a show. I have to point out that Maggie's speech blew me away the most. I love how far her character has come and later in the episode when Gregory was threatening the Hilltop to leave the Sanctuary, It gave me chills when everyone decided to stand with Maggie! She has completely earned her place as leader of the Hilltop and it gives me feels to think how proud Glenn would be of her also.

Next I really enjoyed the Richonne family moment. I actually can't get enough of scenes that include their whole unit which means Judith was also in this sweet scene. The words exchanged between Rick and Carl were really touching, and since Rick and Michonne are all about the romance.....

I will give their kiss an 8 out 10. 😍 

Speaking of beautiful relationships, I saved my very favorite moment from 8x01 for last. Honestly I think that every time Carol and Daryl share a hug an angel get's it's wings (theoretically Carol is an angel and Daryl likes to wear wings on his clothes so do the math). What I love most about this scene was that it was hard for Carol to reach Daryl but it was worth the struggle because no one is promised another day in the times they are living in, and I love how Carol paused for minute while they were hugging to be fully present in this moment so that if the worst happens at least she will always have the memory of this embrace. Their connection truly moves me on a level that nothing else does and I hope we will get more from these two as the season continues!

Now onto episode 8x02......

Morgan has always been one of my favorite characters and how he handles the way the world is now is one of the things that I find most interesting about the show. In this episode when Morgan expresses how he can't die, it shows how cursed he still feels. He basically said the same thing to Rick back in season 3 in the episode "Clear", when he says that if you are a good person you'll die or even if you are a bad person you'll also die.....but if you are a weak person like him then you will inherit this world and never escape it. I know that Morgan has come along way since then but it does seem like he is always a little on the edge of falling back. It actually makes me a little scared to think of the toll that this war could have on Morgan's progress but I really believe that he will overcome with the help of his loved ones. #TeamFamily

Next can we talk about SHIVA!!!!! I love that cat so much that I could honestly start a fan club. Her scenes were a highlight for me in this episode and I will never stop trying to figure out how she knows to only eat the bad guys!!! I would really love to see more one on one interaction between her and Carol though, like maybe Carol could brush her fur and give her a nice grooming or nit her a giant ball of yarn. That may sound kind of ridiculous but you are lying if you can't admit how adorbs Carol's Cat Care would be.

Ok-onto a more serious yet encouraging note. Our favorite 'fake it til you make it' King offers many words to Carol and much to take away in the banter between the two (by the way...I NEVER want to hear Ezekiel call Carol 'Baby' again). Is there any surprise that Carol is the voice of reason once again and that she will be the one to save their behinds.  Zeke tends to be a go all in type of person who might not think of all the consequences where our Queen thinks through the scenario and truly knows the plan of action that WILL work. 

Speaking of faking it....while seeing a smile on Carol is about as rare as seeing a unicorn....I will take ANYTHING I can get no matter how forced it may have seemed.

Well, I think that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my favorite moments as much as I did! I will be back next week with a recap of 8x03 so until then I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Love & Hugs,

Friday, October 20, 2017


Hi Everyone,

It has been a LONG summer hiatus as usual for The Walking Dead fans but before it returns this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to recap some of the best moments that the past several months have brought us!

These are two of my favorite promo pics that were released over the summer. I just love how MARRIED they look!!! It does seem like AMC is possibly trying to hint of a closer relationship between Carol and Daryl based on the many promos of the two of them, however I will believe it when I see it as I know Caryl shippers have been teased for 8 long years. I have to say though that these pics leave me highly hopeful! 

These are my favorite scenes from the season 8 trailer that was released at San Diego Comic-Con. I like to imagine all the deep thoughts that could be going through Carol's mind as she notices the flower on the wall where she is sitting. I also loved seeing Carol as her true WARRIOR self preparing the Kingdom for battle like...... "Cover your ears because you are not strong enough to withstand the awesomeness that I'm about to throw down"!

Speaking of SDCC.....these lovely pictures that Ms. McBride was kind enough to bless us with MAKES MY HEART MELT! I love snack time with McReedus which actually sounds like a web series that I would totally watch! Another favorite is the ultimate squad goals of Lauren, Danai and Melissa. 

The NYCC panel video of Ms. Melissa McBride will probably go down as one of my favorites ever just from the wild cheers of the audience alone. It kinda gives me chills because I am so proud of the progress that Carol has made and all that she has endured and yet is still here fighting the good fight for her family, but I am even more proud and grateful for the love and passion that Melissa has poured into this beautiful character. It truly inspires so many lives and I hope to one day get the chance to hug her in person & tell her thank you!

I love the Carol fandom so much and the beautiful piece of fan art above is by @pookiesmcbride on Twitter. It features the names of many McBriders and she is going to present it to Melissa at Walker Stalker Atlanta. I can't wait to hear how much she likes it!

If the above content does not make you want to jump in the bed and cry yourself to an early grave then you are probably in the wrong place. The depth and emotion that these two characters share is best represented in THE WAY THEY HUG EACH OTHER! I think it has become their "thing". I am still holding out hope for a kiss this season but honestly those hugs are the very definition of LOVE!

I saved my favorite thing for last! Let me just say that whoever had the idea to dress the cast like royalty and then have Norman and Melissa pose as the rightful King and Queen of the Apocalypse, deserves all the AWARDS in the world!!! I loved this photo shoot so much that I even had to put together a little tribute to it in the video above. I literally have no more words on this subject! #Speechless

Well....I think that about covers everything for now. I hope you have enjoyed reliving these moments as much as I have. Starting next week I am hoping to do a weekly podcast after each new episode so stay tuned! 

Until then.....WE ARE GOING TO WAR!

Love & Hugs,